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Freeze dried chocolate banana marshmallow


Lynn Valley Products has been making your freeze-dried goodies for almost a year now. The maker is me, Dawn, (along with some family help) I am very passionate and work on the product evenings and weekends. We started making freeze-dried treats and soon realized others wanted to enjoy the treats also, then we expanded.

When making the product, we look for different and new items to freeze-dry, for people to enjoy their favourite treat and grab something new on the shelf.

We strive to leave them wanting more and new! The love for the diversity and always keeping it interesting and fun for the customers to enjoy.

Try my favourite, Freeze Dried Airheads!

What is freeze dried?

What is freeze drying

and why does it make treats taste so good?

Freeze drying is a process that involves removing the moisture from a product by freezing it and then exposing it to a low-pressure environment. The process of freeze-drying is popular among food manufacturers as it preserves the taste, aroma, and texture of food products while increasing their shelf life. The technique is especially beneficial for candy as it allows the flavors to become concentrated and intensifies the overall taste experience.

Freeze-drying candy removes the water content from the product, resulting in a crunchy, lightweight texture that melts in your mouth. It also maintains the original shape, color, and flavour of the candy. The technique is especially useful for creating unique and exciting flavors as it allows candy makers to experiment with different combinations of ingredients that would be difficult to achieve using traditional candy-making methods.

One of the main reasons freeze-dried candy tastes so good is because it maintains the original flavours of the ingredients while intensifying them. This is because, during the freeze-drying process, the water content is removed, leaving behind concentrated flavors. Additionally, the texture of freeze-dried candy is incredibly unique, with a light and airy crunch that is incredibly satisfying to bite into.

Overall, freeze-drying is an incredible technique for making candy taste better than ever before. By preserving the flavor, aroma, and texture of the ingredients, candy makers can create unique and exciting products that are sure to delight customers. Whether you're a fan of classic flavors or want to try something new and exciting, freeze-dried candy is a must-try for any candy lover.

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